Drying Restrainer

“Rohrer’s Drying Restrainer” can be used when the paint taken out of the bottle needs to remain soluble for several days. This painting aid can be applied in any amount; we recommend a 1:1 ratio.
Drying Delay can also be used when wet-on-wet painting is needed for a longer period of time. It is added drop by drop to the water used to dampen the paper in order to delay the water from evaporating.

Gloss Intensifier

In order to achieve a certain lustre, “Rohrer’s Gloss Intensifier” is added to the paint drop by drop and/or is used to saturate the paper. To saturate, thin Gloss Intensifier with water (5 to 10 parts water to 1 part Gloss Intensifier).
If it is not thinned enough, the resulting strong saturation could disturb the wetting which could lead to random structures, usable for experimental purposes. When Gloss Intensifier is used, the paint behaves differently on the paper (medium) and the colour appears stronger (more brilliant).

in 50 ml bottles