Diaphoto translucent dye


Diaphoto glaze, range 31

Like photography itself, retouching is renown for its vivid history. Only a few years after the black-and-white argentiferous photography had been established (the 1860s), the idea of colouring the images manually has been implemented. The aniline colour, too, was introduced in those years. This dye, suited for the then popular albumen prints, was even more adaptive for the gelatine emulsion prints that were developed later.

Thus it came in the 1980s that these watery colours completely replaced the oil-paint and watercolours in the retouching technique. The Diaphoto glaze consist of dyes solved in water. As the dyes are highly concentrated, the colour can be diluted to an infinite number of shades. The colour itself has a lower lightfastness than airbrush colours.

Our range 31 comprises 42 tones (including white) of selected nuances and high brilliance. Compatible to almost any photographic paper, Diaphoto glaze suit for a range of applications in photography, but especially for nostalgic techniques. Furthermore, it can be adopted for airbrush-work on paper, cardboard or similar materials. On demand, we can offer processing specifications for the dye. Additional notes can be found here.

Available in the following sizes:
12 ml, 30 ml and 250 ml
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