Retouching Supplements

Rohrer & Klingner’s retouching supplements are developed for the work with pigmented colours (gouaches), liquid dyes (Diaphoto translucent dyes), pencils and other retouching pens.

in 60 ml bottles

The products combined under this term are to be applied on the surface of the finished gouache retouching, with Mattolein (30057) being the exception. The matt (30080) and glossy (30050) fixatives can be used to balance several degrees of lustre. The colourless retouching finish (30049) effects a glossy top layer; However, it contains a flammable white spirit. Mattolein (30057) is a finish based on white spirit, too, and acts as an agent for pencils and retouching pens on positive and negative patterns, holding the pen-strokes better than the ground material.