Diaphoto Supplements

Diaphoto-Supplements, Range 30

The gelatin layer of photographic papers is hydroscopic. Thus, auxiliary watery solutions can diffuse into the gelatin.

The Diaphoto-Fixative (30051) prevents water from penetrating the layer and ensures that way that the pigments remain fixed.

Respectively, the Diaphoto Reducer (30056) causes the colourants to disengage partially.

To use it, the reducer is applied several times and, after it took effect, removed from the paper with a wet cloth.

The High Gloss Diluter (30052), when added to the photographic dye instead of water, causes the photo to be glossier. It is also possible to use it with in airbrushes or brushes.

Rather than on photographic paper, Diaphoto Binder (30054) is commonly applied on usual paper or cardboard. Used as an additive to photographic dyes, it ensures that the colours adhere to the paper.

One part of binder should be mixed with four or five parts of photographic dye. When water is added, too, the proportion of binder should be increased appropriately. In most cases, the ground surface should be covered with a thin layer of pure binder that may be liquidised with water.

in 60 ml bottles